Having multiple professional designations can be difficult

Certifications are a hot topic but I have noticed how it’s becoming more complex over time. Not only that the increasing number of certifications leads to confusing abbreviations, different levels of difficulty, professional and technical certifications, accredited and not, the certifications you have and the certifications you would like. As if this wasn’t enough, there is yet another problem for people having multiple professional certifications. A problem that hasn’t been discussed enough and some people may be losing valuable sleep thinking about it. 😉 How do I order certifications? It’s not a big issue, but I have discussed it with colleagues from time to time and would like to share my thoughts.

A few personal thoughts
Once I considered sorting the certifications in a way making it easier for me to remember the certifications. That’s when I came up with the idea to use folded business cards, large enough to fit the certifications. 😉 But there is still a dilemma when it comes to decide the correct order of the certifications on the business card.

We should consider grouping & sorting the certifications based on renown, organization, accreditation and difficulty. It should be practical and must to look nice on the business card.

I have noticed that all of the certifications (if there is many after the name) may not fit on the name sign, if you attend a course or conference. So it’s nice to have the most significant certifications in the beginning, right after the name.

I initially grouped the certifications in the same order as it was in the member directory (2006), then someone changed it to alphabetical order, after I had printed my business cards. 😐

There are a lot of similar abbreviations, by grouping the certifications by organization; it is easier to identify the sense of each abbreviation.

I esteem ISO 17024 accredited certifications; therefore I suggest these should be in the beginning or at least before the “home-made” certifications.

Since this is such difficult task with a lot of certifications and can be a bit confusing with all similar abbreviations and ways of sorting and organizing. I believe it’s an area that would really benefit having a certification of its own. I’m considering the name Certified in Sorting and Organizing. 😀

Later the same day Misty reminds me…
– Hey, those letters are already used for Chief Security Officer
– Doh! :-O

2 days later…
I just realized today, when the name doesn’t fit on one line in the LinkedIn profile, due to the certifications, it’s getting a bit much. So I changed it for a nice looking star instead, the certifications is still visible in the profile.

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